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    Heng-Ray Technology Limited is a leading distributor of industrial automation products, like Mitsubishi, Siemens, Panasonic, Omron brand PLC, Servo, Inverter, HMI, Robot and related industrial accessories. Since established in 2004, Heng-Ray has adhered to customers oriented, providing the total solution from designing & programming, product selection, installation & debugging, maintenance & other after-sale services.
    Heng-ray headquarter is in Shenzhen, and branch is in Shanghai, where are the worldwide financial & trade centers, with keen information source, convenient transportation, and perfect supporting facilities. Beside the departments of sales, technology, financial and management, we also have 2 warehouses, total more than 3000㎡ with nearly 50 million value of inventory. These are how we satisfy the customers' need, and realize the win-win cooperation.
    Sales center: A high efficiency, customers oriented marketing & sales team, who will learn your situation and figure out the best solution for you. After the sale is final, we’ll stick around to make sure the solution works. Superior purchase channels and competitive prices, perfect sales network and service, inventory and fast delivery, have brought great economic benefits to our customers.
    Technology center: A strong team with 15 years theoretical and practical experiences, can provide automatic system consulting & training, technology development, installation debugging, and maintenance. To efficiently and accurately solve the customers’ problem is our purpose of customer service.
    Storage center: 2 warehouses in Shenzhen & Shanghai, total more than 3000㎡ with nearly 50 million inventory, 15 warehouse keepers and packaging staffs , cooperate with the famous and professional logistics companies, to achieve the scientific stock management, and fast delivery.
    Mission: To provide the best industrial automation products & services for our customers.
    Vision: To be the best partner with customers.
    Core Values:
    Human - People oriented, maximize the potential of ourselves.
    Technology - Knowledge innovation, technical innovation, management innovation.
    Value - Create profits for customers and employees, realize win-win cooperation.
    Devotion - Great enthusiasm towards work and willing to give and share.Mitsubishi PLC QJ71C24N-R4

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